The company


Softbox was set up to meet the demands of IT consulting and implementation of IT projects. In the market since 2005, the company has been working on consulting and development solutions and strategies for mobility and corporative environment. With national coverage, Softbox is located in São Paulo / SP, Rio de Janeiro / RJ, Belo Horizonte / MG and Uberlândia / MG and has been a reference in the IT market offering complete and customized services from the beginning of the project to later monitoring the results.

In these years, the company performance has accomplished an important knowhow and some extensive experience with a great portfolio of clients in a range of sectors, with hundreds of projects, including planning, design, creation, architecture, development and support.

One of Softbox challenges is to add value and positive results to clients' business by creating competitive advantages with services that reduce costs, increase productivity and improve efficiency. Moreover, it also aims at facilitating environmental changes and business rules and policies. Be fully engaged in each project, contribute with knowledge and ideas, set a concise and detailed planning and be able to code following the designed patterns are some of the methods used by Softbox professional team in order to reach success in all projects done.

The strict application of our strategies ensures effective results once we have presented unique and comprehensive solutions, always in search of good results without giving up the human value. This is one of the principles adopted by Softbox in order to bring the best to its customers.

What we believe
  • Good Relationship and commitment - Together we can work better
  • Respect and taking care - team building is our goal
  • Innovation and Boldness - To inovate is a way to amaze our customers. Have you made something new today?
  • Be happy - we are happy and passionate about our work.
  • To serve - we serve our customers, friends and partners with inovation and quality
  • Excelence and simplicity - the way to excelence goes through simplicity

São Paulo/SP

  • Av. Eng. L. C. Berrini, n°1500 - Sala 102
    Neighborhood Itaim Bibi - Zip code:04571-010
  • (11) 3014-0371


  • Av. Paulo Gracindo, 15 - 2 andar - Uberlândia Shopping
    Neighborhood Morada da Colina - Zip code:38411-145
  • (34) 3221-8838