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upload 15 de janeiro de 2015

Softbox expands its presence in the Southeast

As a result of excellent work in important retail sector companies and e-commerce based in the city of Rio de Janeiro, new businesses have emerged in the region. Given the opportunities and in synergy with the business expansion strategy Softbox in large centers, we started the structuring of our unity. With facilities in Barra da Tijuca since July we operate strategically in serving who designed the markets. The e-commerce market grows 2 digits / year and along with the retail market present enormous challenges. Our solutions has helped the market in cost optimization and process improvements that support the customer value chain. For the organization and implementation of actions in the state capital, brought the executive Mauro Ferraz, with 12 years experience in the segment and recognition in important market cases. Our business goal was already achieved in the first months of operation and the work goes on increasing as a result of dedication and discipline in carrying out our strategies.