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 ELDOC processes  thousands of tax  documents with safety

Document Management System - NF-e, NFC-e, NFS-e, CT-e and GNRE, using intelligent notifications and automated data conference.

<p> ELDOC processes </p>

<p>thousands of tax<span style= 

documents with safety


Automate management Trade Marketing your company

Business solution for the management of funds of Trade Marketing, enables control of the flow of information to the industry POS (point of sale ), generating data and knowledge to share gains from stocks, profitability and customer relations

<p>Automate management<br />
Trade Marketing<br />
your company</p>

Dashbox – a BI tool for graphics  and reports 

Freedom for the business areas to explore data and connect information in dashboards and reports, all in a dynamic, simple and intuitive way

<p>Dashbox – a BI tool<br />
for graphics <br />
and reports </p>